Innovative Security Solutions

ROK Systems provides organizations products and solutions to better monitor, manage and protect their processes, property and people. From mobile remote presence devices that let you project your presence to any distant location in your plant, office, or campus, to complete security and surveillance solutions that protect and monitor access and activity in your operation—we have the answers for you.

Access Control

Integrated Systems


access control keypad Protecting your assets through authorization, authentication and audit are just some of the ways that ROK Systems’ IP networking technology and open architecture platform provide greater control over physical security.  integrated systems Partnering with best-of-breed security management system manufacturers allows ROK Systems to provide alarm and premise management solutions through the same browser interface; enhancing the functionality and investment.  Surveillance camera Open IP standard cameras allow users to integrate, and develop their own customizable solution. With an IP network connection cameras can be viewed remotely through the internet, and mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
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ROK Systems LLC Solutions

ROK Systems develops, sells and supports 100% native IP-based security and access control products. ROK's solutions utilize non-proprietary, open-standards hardware and software components that provide choice, flexibility and costs savings for our customers. We offer best-of-breed digital video surveillance, access control, and alerting systems to meet our customers' premise security and process monitoring applications. ROK Systems is a premier provider of integrated premise security and process monitoring solutions. We deliver our solutions to national and global enterprises in the manufacturing, education, healthcare, and food processing industries.